Senior Project Manager

• Experience project planning and manage the execution of large scale and high risk projects preferably in the financial sector
• Experience and deep level understanding of Blockchain technologies
• Ability to develop a clear vision and motivate development team members
• Communicate effectively with regards to backend infrastructure; leveraging the teams expertise and being able to recommend an appropriate plan of action
• Expertise managing risk and change on projects

Minimum Conditions:
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related technical discipline
• Good knowledge of Blockchain technologies
• Understanding cryptographic protocols (e.g. Bitcoin)
• Experience managing external technology partners
• Critical thinking and strong initiative
• Knowledge and excitement for disruptive technologies and Blockchain technology.

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Blockchain applications

Blockchains are a virtual ledger, one can use this technology for all sorts of things other than money.

Below are common issues that need the potential application of blockchain which will definitely change the world.

1. Decentralised Internet

Programmers are currently working on decentralised internet platforms to distribute all the functions of the internet over distributed nodes which will increase the resiliency of the world wide web.

2. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can be built on top of a ledger and operate as decentralised applications. These programs can run functions which are becoming more sophisticated and may diminish the need for standard legal contracts. (more…)

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